Flora’s Justice

Flora emigrated from Ecuador in 2002 and paid a lawyer thousands of dollars to help her get legal status, only to have his bad advice land her in hot water with immigration officials. For years, she dutifully reported for regular check-ins, believing her status was stable.

When Flora came to Her Justice with routine questions about child support paperwork, our attorney spotted an alarming notice instructing her to pack her bags for imminent deportation. After enduring years of severe domestic abuse and acting as sole caretaker to her two American sons and her abuser’s elderly parents, Flora was just days away from being unknowingly torn from her family.

Our immigration team raced to prevent Flora’s deportation and apply for immigration relief available to victims of domestic violence. Our team managed to accomplish in one week what normally takes months to process. With an attorney by her side, Flora is safe now, and on the long path to a green card.