About Her Justice

Our Mission

Her Justice stands with women living in poverty in New York City by recruiting and mentoring volunteer lawyers to provide free legal help to address individual and systemic legal barriers.

Through our pro bono first model, we pair thousands of well-trained and resourced, pro bono attorneys with women who have legal needs in the areas of family, matrimonial and immigration law. When we do that, we begin to break down systemic barriers that are built into our civil justice system, barriers that reinforce and exacerbate gender, racial and economic imbalances.

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Our Values

We believe that advancing our shared vision of a more equitable New York City requires an approach that is centered on core values of justice, community, empathy, integrity, and respect.

We work within the civil justice system to advocate for the fairest individual and systemic outcomes for our clients, backed by a commitment to bridge the gap in access to justice that has been created for women living in poverty.
We think feeling a sense of belonging is important. We define community as intentional collaboration with clients, volunteers, one another, and partners to advance our mission in a way that is inclusive, safe, and empowering.
We lead with compassion and patience when listening to the lived experiences of our clients and colleagues and use what we hear as the foundation of all aspects of the work we do to advance justice.
We proudly possess an unwavering commitment to justice and promote organizational honesty and openness to ensure we are held accountable to such principle.
We honor the dignity, identity, and boundaries of every one of our clients, partners, and employees.


Advocating for Change, Shifting Systems

Since 1993, we have seen our clients, and women like them, face systematic barriers of exclusion, inefficiency and discrimination. Our policy and advocacy work is directly informed by the lived experience of our clients and these inhibiting barriers. We work to reform this system such that it produces the most favorable outcomes for women like our clients, through processes that are as equitable, empowering, and as efficient as possible.

By engaging in advocacy to effect systemic change, partnering with community-based organizations and leveraging the pro bono power of NYC to provide critical free legal services to women living in poverty, Her Justice is working to close the gap in access to justice, creating a more equitable society for all.

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