Esther’s Justice

Esther, a survivor of intimate partner violence and mother of two children, aged six and two, and a son from a previous marriage, was struggling to obtain custody of her children and child support from her ex-husband.  The father was an alcoholic, erratic, unstable and abusive to both Esther and her children. After he told Esther that he had fantasies of killing her and the children, she came to Her Justice for assistance. Her Justice connected Esther with attorneys at Baker Botts LLP who assisted her with order of protection, custody, and child support matters.

A break in the case came when the father left Esther several inebriated and slurred voice mail messages late at night during a weekend when he had the young children for an overnight visit.  The order of protection her attorneys had obtained for her specified that he was not allowed to drink while the children were in his care.

Thanks to the volunteer attorneys’ quick thinking and hard work, Esther now has legal custody of her children, protection from her abuser, and financial support, providing her and her children with the stability they need to move ahead with their lives.