Our Response to Sessions’ Decision in the Matter of A-B-

Her Justice strongly denounces the recent decision In the Matter of A-B- written by Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions. The decision sharply limits the ability of survivors of domestic violence to flee their abusers when their home countries cannot or will not protect them from abuse in order to seek safe haven in the United States. Her Justice assists women seeking protection from abuse in the U.S., as well as those fleeing domestic violence in their home countries, every day. This decision represents an affront to the women that we serve, whose courage to flee violence has saved their lives and the lives of their children. It is an appalling attempt to return to an antiquated era when women’s rights were disregarded and those fleeing gender-based violence were turned away at our borders. The decision also has wide implications for all others seeking safety in the United States based on the activities of “private actors” whose governments cannot or will not protect them. This decision will result in thousands of deaths of men, women and children and sets the U.S. on a dangerous path of violating its obligations under international law. With this decision, the U.S. has effectively ceded our position on the world stage as a country that provides safe haven for those seeking protection and the rule of law.

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