Her Justice Policy Platform TEST FOR UPDATES

The Her Justice Policy Agenda is informed by the lived experience of our clients – women living in poverty whose livelihood and well-being are often determined by the New York State civil justice system. We work to reform this system such that it produces the most favorable outcomes for women like our clients, through processes that are as equitable, empowering, and as efficient as possible.

We believe the challenges facing women like our clients in securing critical legal help stem from the institutional bias and class inequity that pervade the foundation and operations of the legal system. Yet we also believe that the law can be a powerful tool of change. That’s why we strive both to assist the individuals who move through the system and to dismantle the existing inequities that impact all litigants.

Our core focus areas for policy reform are immigration, child support, divorce, and intimate partner violence. Learn more from the descriptions below or read our detailed Policy Agenda here.