Additional Resources to Get Help

Please Note: These resources are provided for informational purposes only.
We cannot guarantee any organization will be accepting new clients or provide any of the assistance you are seeking.

For general legal assistance, including family law, divorce, immigration, taxes, housing, employment, benefits, employment, and disability rights:

  • Visit You can find legal information on a variety of issues as well as the contact information for free legal service providers in every county in New York State.
  • NYC: Call Legal Services NYC’s citywide legal hotline at 917-661-4500 Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm.

For those experiencing Intimate Partner Violence:

For those in need of immigration assistance or immigrants experiencing gender-based violence:

For those in need of help with consumer debt, identity theft or financial abuse:

For those in need of help with criminal or juvenile delinquency cases:

For those in need of help with child abuse or neglect cases:

For those in need of help with custody or visitation dispute for a child that is not yours but related to you (such as a grandchild or sibling):

For those who are under 18 years of age and looking for legal help:

  • The Door is an organization that provides a variety of services for young people.
  • Day One assists young people experiencing relationship abuse
  • Covenant House assists young people experiencing or facing homelessness.