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Marjer’s Path to Financial Security & Safety

“Thanks to Her Justice, I learned that you don’t need to have money for somebody to care about you,” said Marjer. “I am grateful.”

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Justice for Natalia*

When COVID-19 began, Natalia* was waiting to receive work authorization after submitting her application with the help of a Her Justice pro bono attorney, a process that can take up to 5 years. As a survivor of human trafficking, she was legally eligible for status, but how would she care for her children while she waited in limbo?

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A Financially Independent Future

Ms. A* came to the U.S. in 2013 with her 6-year-old child. Here, she met a man on a dating app who she began seeing regularly and they married in December 2014.  Two months after marrying, their relationship began to change. Ms. A’s husband lost his job and became aggressive and controlling.

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Waiting for Freedom

“I cannot wait until the day I can divorce him, work, access my own money and live alone.”

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Justice for Ndeye

Originally from Senegal, Ndeye was married at 16 and came to the U.S. with her husband in 1995.  She had two children in Senegal and five children born in the U.S., but had been suffering from abuse in the relationship for 23 years.  Ndeye could no longer stand the abuse, and did not want to set a poor example for her daughters by staying in an unhealthy relationship.

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Arlene’s Justice

After over 20 years of marriage, Arlene’s husband filed for divorce behind her back and left the country, leaving her with $15K of debt in rental arrears.

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Justice for Teresa

For the entire four years and three months of their marriage, including the birth of their son, Teresa’s husband was rarely around, and whenever they had any contact it was abusive.  With the help of a team of volunteer lawyers from Shearman & Sterling LLP, Teresa was finally able to move on with her life.

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Amanda’s Justice

Amanda, a 28-year old single mother of two young boys living in Brooklyn, was not only being physically, emotionally, and financially abused by her partner. No longer able to sustain the ongoing abuse, Amanda worked with Her Justice to file a family offense petition in family court to obtain an order of protection against her abuser.

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Shirley’s Justice

Shirley found financial security and safety from her abusive husband.

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Esther’s Justice

Esther works with Her Justice to obtain custody and child support

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